Reel sizes ranging from 3” to 96”
(75mm to 2400mm)

Standard reconditioning services include:

  • Straightening and press work for flanges
  • Repairs for damaged rims
  • Blasting and Painting
  • Stenciling of Logo, Name and/or Tare Weight
  • Dynamic Balancing

Custom services include:

  • Repairs or Replacing of drive pin holes
  • Repairs or Replacing arbor tubes
  • Changing the arbor hole size
  • Welding, fabricating and machining to meet your needs
wood reels
Nailed Wooden Reels

Now available from New American Reel Company, nailed wooden reels made to order.  Using Heat Treated softwoods ranging from Southern Yellow Pine to Spruce, Pine, or Fir, we manufacture reels applying Lean concepts to provide outstanding quality at competitive prices.

Reels are made in accordance to NEMA WC26, made to your dimensional specifications.  We offer sizes ranging from 20 inches to 60 inches in diameter in various thicknesses.  Available options include: flat or cupped washers, steel sleeve for arbor hole, heavy duty steel plate for arbor, center supports are available, reel coverings for export, stenciling of your company logo and other private markings, supplied as assembled reels or ready to assemble kits. View: Nail Reel Specification Guide

orange plastic cable reel
New Steel Reel
New American Reel Co LLC is the Midwest sales agent for Inosym Reels.  Inosym manufactures top quality competitively priced steel and plastic wire reels, bobbins and drums used for in process or shipping of wire, rope, cable and other similar products.
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Used Reels
In touch with many facilities, we generally help to locate a new home for used steel wire reels. We can provide warehousing if needed. Call or email if you have old stock in need of a new home, or if you need some reels to add to your inventory.