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New American Reel Co LLC is the Midwest sales agent for Inosym Reels.  Inosym manufactures top quality competitively priced steel and plastic wire reels, bobbins and drums used for in process or shipping of wire, rope, cable and other similar products.

Orders are manufactured to customer specifications and are in accordance with the following industry standards as they apply: DIM 46395, DIN 46397, NEMA WC 26.

The following types of steel reels, bobbins and drums are offered, other are available upon request:

Fully Machined Reels
are dynamically balanced and made to DIN 46397 (also referred to as multiwire reels)

Semi Machined Reels with double wall curled flanges and machined on all product contact surfaces are dynamically balanced as well.

Metal Flanged Reels sometime referred to as pressed flange or buncher reels are also available and can be made to DIN 46395.  These reels are very common for both process and shipping needs.

Enhanced Metal Flange Reels are suitable for the most demanding applications suitable for heavy cable, wire or rope. 

Steel Drums suitable for extrusion, drum twisting and lay up processes are available in a variety of sizes and types.

Corrugated Shipping Reels, sometimes referred to as fluted reels can be made in accordance to NEMA WC 26, RM or RMT types are offered in a wide range of sizes and capacities.

Custom Reels including collapsible bobbins or other custom arrangements can be accommodated.  All orders are made to customer specifications, drawings are supplied with quotes and orders to avoid confusion over what is being offered.

Inosym also produces a line of plastic reels for process or shipping needs.  Plastic reels and spools are made from new ABS plastic in black, natural or most any specified color.

Common types of plastic reels include Process Reels, Magnet Wire Reels, Big Bore plastic reels, Welding Wire spools, Fine Wire reels, and packaging spools including assembled and unassembled spools and data cable spools.
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